Meet Junior Mujica, the embodiment of dedication and passion in the acting world. From an early age, he embarked on a transformative journey, leaving his family behind to study abroad in the UK and North America. Mastering theatre and screen acting, he captivates audiences with his versatility and magnetic presence. Pushing boundaries further, Junior embraces motion capture acting, merging physical prowess with technology to bring digital characters to life. His comprehensive knowledge of film production adds depth to his performances, elevating them to new heights. Witness the spellbinding artistry of Junior Mujica as he leaves an indelible mark on every production. Experience the magic and be part of his legacy defined by limitless potential.

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Theatre Performance (Liverpool, UK) - 2021

The Drunks

Off the Ground Theatre’s The Drunks, directed by Dan Meigh, is a darkly comic political satire, exploring themes of incompetent politicians, mental health issues and the impact that self-interested motives can have on your relationships with the people around you. Utilising surreal comedy and loud, brash personalities, this story of a small Russian town mirrors the wider world overrun with fake news, bumbling politicians and forgetting your worries in a heavy and mindless binge drinking session.

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Short Film (Toronto, CA) - 2021

Hidden in Memory

A fever dream-like story that follows a Latino immigrant's memories as they reveal his attempts to find a partner and unearth the dark secrets he wants to keep hidden.

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Music Video (Chichester, UK) - 2019

Crystal Trip

Offical Video - "Senseless" Song

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